Protect your investments by measuring the performance of your fleet.

You need to know how your fleet is performing.

There are four simple—but important—reasons to track engine hours, and as the O’Jays sang, it’s all about “Money money money”. It’s about protecting your investments, extracting value from those investments, and invoicing for use of those investments.

Measuring the performance of your fleet, including monitoring and reviewing engine hours for your vehicles ultimately helps you calculate the total cost of ownership per asset.

Illustration of a man at a computer, looking at engine hours via the Connect Fleet platform

Here are 4 simple reasons why you should be tracking engine hours:

 1. Proactive maintenance

Knowing when your asset needs servicing means that you can plan for and around outages, while minimising unexpected downtime. Intelligent GPS fleet management software platforms can track vehicle odometers which is great for managing the service of components such as the chassis or suspension, and engine hours which are helpful for managing oil changes. Functionality to see engine hours at a glance is perfect for assets that are running, but not moving, for example cranes and excavators.

Automatic monitoring and recording of these aspects of your fleet enables your business to manage the lifespan and replacement of your investments, with ease.

2. Right-sized fleet

Visibility of engine hours in real time can help you to identify under-utilised assets and enables you to make informed financial decisions for your fleet and business, based on what is in demand. Having a $100k vehicle sitting gathering dust in the yard day in, day out is not what you want for your business. Ensure you have the right fleet available for your customers and keep watch on your asset utilisation via GPS asset tracking.

3. Accurate billing

The ability to accurately track and view when an asset is used minimises the risk of unauthorised usage, i.e: additional hours or in a different location, and gives you an easy way to compare claimed with actual asset usage. GPS fleet management software can give you a true view of how your fleet is being used and bill accordingly. Don’t lose your revenue, investments and livelihood to cheekiness.

4. Monitoring productivity 

Visibility of engine hours means that fleet managers can see the productivity of a machine and the workers using it. Productivity dips can be seen quickly at a glance, and followed up with when desired.

It’s time to work smarter and to really understand your fleet. GPS fleet management software brings visibility of your fleet direct to your desktop, so you can make more informed business decisions in real time.

Check out our blog post “Introduction to monitoring engine hours” to learn more, or give our team at Connect Fleet a call on 1300 735 797! We’re experienced in providing GPS fleet management solutions Australia-wide and are happy to chat through any questions you may have.

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