GPS fleet tracking and management is a pretty nifty asset for a business operations these days, and a saving grace when it comes to monitoring a fleets performance and essentially saving cash.

I find many decision makers do understand the benefits fleet tracking serves to their business, but can be hesitant when it comes to jumping on the band-wagon.

Let’s face it, new technology is overwhelming and resistance to change is a natural human reaction. Before you commit to something, you want to make sure the value is going to be there especially when it comes to your business.

From my observations, here are the top 7 reasons many businesses choose to install fleet tracking:

1. Lost and stolen assets

Imagine opening the gates to your depot one early morning and realising your excavator (and trailer) have been nicked in the night. As my pop would put it, ‘strike me pink!’

This scenario became very real for one of our own customers recently, but thanks to our GPS tracking solution they were able to find their asset within 10 minutes and recovered it within the hour (read about Cowan & Sons’ story here).

It is estimated $50 million worth of heavy machinery and valuable assets are stolen from construction sites across Australia every year, and sold to the black market with high returns. Understanding this figure, it is a no-brainer that businesses install GPS asset tracking with the reassurance they gain complete visibility of their fleets.

2. Fuel theft

Fuel accounts for over 30% of total expenses when it comes to earthmoving and construction businesses. Unfortunately, over 20% of fuel theft cases end up being committed by a disloyal employee with no real regard to their own job security.

The farming industry is often one to be heavy hit, with assets parked in remote locations making them easy targets for fuel thieves, who bleed the tanks dry and cost farmers thousands.

With many business assets vulnerable to theft, real-time tracking allows for transparency across the fleet. Business owners can track suspicious timelines or detours, idling hours and what route your drivers chose highlighting any suspect activity.

3. Staff abusing assets

When you have a team on the road, it can be hard to monitor and manage the use of your business assets. A company car is often a major perk for employees, and as an employer you want to trust they are doing the right thing and respectfully representing your business while on the road. In the construction game, it is not uncommon a digger to be taken on a joyride and used for a cash job elsewhere.

Staff abusing company assets is one big reason businesses choose to install GPS asset tracking. Gaining complete transparency on driver behaviours, asset locations and usage and managing liability with historical data allows employers tighter control and limits fuel wastage.

4. Securing larger scale projects

Many of the major players in the civil engineering and Government game now require businesses to install some sort of GPS fleet tracking and management system, before they can tender for the larger scale projects.

Mainly due to safety and liability reasons, when it comes to many bodies across mammoth worksites.

5. Excessive overtime paid to staff

The beauty of installing a GPS fleet & staff management software, means you have more accuracy when it comes to payroll. There is no need to rely on your employees to track their own hours, and pay anymore excessive overtime. Take the reins when it comes to payroll, and keep some coffee money for yourself this week.

6. Keeping up with a competitive market

In fast-paced industry, changes are vital for any business to progress, and we must learn to shift, pivot, grow and move with the times. With ever increasing competition driving down quotes for larger tenders, it is important to know your numbers and stay on top of project overheads.

Implementing fleet tracking into your business allows for more accurate billing to clients, saves you money with fleet expenses, helps you manage payroll better and provide accurate forecasting for you to ensure you can secure those larger tenders.

7. Unclaimed revenue

When one of your customers dispute a bill, without reliable data it is hard to argue your point and prove work completed. Businesses install GPS tracking and management as a way to review, forecast and accurately bill clients with reliable data to back it all up.

It is hard to turn a blind eye to these striking facts, and the overall benefits when it comes to GPS fleet tracking for business. Don’t leave it to the loss of a valuable asset to be the catalyst for change.

To discuss solutions and find what may work for your business, get in touch with one of our team members today and gain complete visibility of your fleet and operations.

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