Operating and managing an efficient fleet of vehicles, assets and staff is no easy feat. Fleet Managers are tasked with numerous responsibilities from purchasing to maintenance, OHS to compliance, and one of the most important tasks is controlling fleet expenses – reducing costs where possible. However, juggling daily tasks often leaves little to no time to investigate areas where you could be more cost-effective. A digital fleet management software can be used to help minimise time, resource and cost wastage across a business — all helping to reduce those often hidden business expenses.

To help you get back in financial control, we’ve identified eight simple ways to reduce your fleet expenses with the help of a modern fleet management solution.

But first, let’s quickly cover what digital fleet management is and why it’s important to look at your fleet data:

GPS fleet management software solution is so much more than just vehicle tracking. It works to simplify and automate the management and coordination a fleet of valuable assets and staff, across multiple projects. Fleet management solutions streamline administration tasks and give you the data you need to gain greater visibility over fleet utilisation, poor driving behaviour, and to optimise areas such as scheduling, fuel consumption and billing accuracy.

Data – when used well – can be a game changer. For many however, just hearing about data feels overwhelming. Rest assured you’re not alone! The trick is to ensure that you’ve got the right tool(s) in place to make handling your data, effortless. A digital fleet management software solution is designed to gather fleet data, then cut through the ‘noise’ to show you rich information pertaining to your vehicles, assets and staff. Armed with that information, fleet managers in turn become better informed to make business decisions to optimise operations while identifying areas of cost-saving.

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Eight simple ways to reduce your fleet expenses

How a fleet management software solution can help get you back in financial control
  1. Understand how your assets are (or aren’t) being used
    Do you know how your fleet is performing? Do you have any assets sitting there gathering dust? Or a long wait list for other assets?
    Get a handle on your fleet’s asset utilisation data and see in real time exactly where your asset stars (and duds!) are. When you know this information you can confidently adjust your fleet makeup to better suit business demand — be it evaluating the under performers or purchasing additional assets based on demand trends.

  2. Reduce staff churn
    Staff are arguably one of the most important parts of any business, along with one of the biggest OPEX areas. Hiring the wrong person — or losing the right one — is a costly mistake. Reduce the headache of tedious paperwork and utilise fleet management software to automate admin tasks, and implement digital forms and time sheets. Reassure employees that their workplace, along with any assets they work with, are safe. Establish a proactive maintenance program and setting service reminders for your fleet.

  3. Reduce asset downtime while extending asset lifetime
    Are you ever stuck without an asset for a job? Are you manually scheduling services or performing ad hoc maintenance?
    If you’ve got the right asset but it’s out of action, it’s not earning. Establish a fleet maintenance program that’s informed by data — such as engine hours, tyre and service reviews — to reduce unplanned asset downtime. Fleet management software also includes smart scheduling to help you optimise fleet bookings by working around any maintenance tasks. Extend the life of your investments by never missing a service and enhance customer satisfaction with the supply of a highly available and reliable fleet.

  4. Monitor your fuel usage
    Do your drivers use company vehicles for personal use? Do you know which vehicle is actually using the fuel you’ve paid for? Are your staff efficient drivers?
    Fuel is one of the biggest operating expenses in businesses with a fleet of vehicles. Regular fleet maintenance — such as ensuring tyres are correctly inflated — can significantly impact fuel consumption. Driving behaviours such as excessive idling, speeding and harsh braking also increase fuel use and asset wear and tear. Use your fleet and driver data to enhance driver education, identifying changes that could help reduce fuel wastage, carbon emissions and the life of your assets.

    Get discounts at the pump and stop scrambling to find fuel receipts by partnering with a fuel card for your business fleet. Use GPS data to curb fuel theft by verifying vehicle refuelling with distance travelled. Some fuel cards and fleet management software platforms even offer fuel tax credit reporting tools to automatically capture eligible vehicle activity and fuel used, along with an estimated dollar value of your return.

  5. Optimise job scheduling and routing
    Are you planning bookings on a whiteboard or spreadsheet? Can you see where staff/assets are at any given time?
    Project delays are costly. From ensuring the right asset is actually available to ensuring it simply arrives on time, fleet management software can help keep your projects on track and on budget. Use job scheduling and live status updates to mobilise your fleet efficiently, dispatching jobs on the fly. GPS tracking provides real-time fleet visibility to inform task allocation and route planning. Reduce unnecessary travel time, minimise idling, and ensure drivers spend more time on the job instead of en route.

  6. Reduce time-consuming manual paperwork
    Do you spend hours reconciling time sheets each month? Are you forever chasing receipts from staff?
    Automate tasks, digitise in-field paperwork and streamline admin processes with a fleet management software platform. Reduce the time needed to complete office and compliance work, minimise task duplication, and increase the accuracy of paperwork by going digital in the workplace.

  7. Improve your billing accuracy
    Are staff estimating their hours worked? Are you aware of unauthorised asset use?
    Gone are the days of time sheet discrepancies! GPS data shows you exactly where assets and drivers are during a work day. Remove human error and the opportunity to ’round up’ time worked, and ensure you’re paying only for the hours actually worked. Use geofencing and alerts to signal unauthorised asset use and bill clients accordingly, backed by data to support and help resolve any conflicts.

  8. Enhance driver education
    Is harsh driving affecting your fleet? Not sure how to motivate drivers to break bad habits?
    GPS tracking can show you exactly how staff are using your assets. Foster a safe driving policy that focuses on safety for staff, the public, your assets and ultimately, your business. Two aspects of driving can significantly impact your bottom line — safety and efficiency. Safer drivers are less likely to be involved in incidents, meaning less insurance payouts, asset downtime, recovery time off work and liability. Efficient drivers handle vehicles better, resulting in reduced asset wear and tear, and less fuel consumption.

    Managing and coaching positive driving practices will help to not only reduce fleet costs, but will increase personal and asset protection. Analyse your telematics data and get transparency over driving behaviours, identifying issues such as speeding, excessive idling and harsh braking, and use that data to inform, enhance and implement a driver education program that upholds rigorous safety standards in your workplace.

Infographic: 8 Top tips to cut fleet costs

8 simple ways to cut fleet costs infographic by Connect Fleet

Use your fleet data to optimise operations and save money

Let these eight simple tips guide you towards a better fleet management future, powered by Australia’s most-trusted fleet management software solution. Understand exactly where your money is going and get back in financial control.

To learn more about how fleet management can save your business money, contact our friendly team today: 1300 735 797.

Connect Fleet’s industry-leading solutions help Australian businesses of all sizes — across all industries — optimise their operations with better management of their valuable assets and staff. Discover the Connect Fleet difference and see the benefits that our innovative software platforms can bring to your business.

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