Meet our fleet

Along with our innovative technology comes our attentive team of (human) specialists, focussed on delivering great customer service and ongoing support.

Our Mission

To be Australia’s leading GPS fleet management solutions provider by delivering a range of innovative solutions that enable businesses to access and integrate existing and new technology without capital investment.

We are… you!

Our single minded problem solving focus means that our industry leading digital fleet management is doing all the hard work for our clients.

We are customer focused

We are taking on the world but no matter how big we may grow as a business, we believe in keeping our customers feeling supported and happy.

We pay attention

We want to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, Connect Fleet is all about getting our clients to extract the most value from our solutions.

Our Story

Meet the driving forces behind Connect Fleet, the story behind why we started, the people we help, the challenges our customers are facing and the vision we hold for the future.

This is … Connect Fleet.

Management Team


Adam Jervis

Founder/Managing Director


Will Penney

General Manager

Marketing & Administration


Kate Prentice

Marketing Manager

Lisa Britten

Finance & Accounting Manager


Daisy Edwards

Accounts and Administration Executive

Product Development & Technical Support


Joel Couchman

Product Development Manager


Sam Hayward

Software Developer


Kevin Carbe

Customer Experience Specialist


Damian Jones

Customer Experience Specialist

Solutions Experts & Customer Care


Jayden Barry

Business Development Manager

Ross Egerton

National Sales Agent

Paul Young

National Sales Agent