Connect Fleet strives to ensure that all businesses can access quality and affordable fleet management and operations solutions that facilitates business growth.

Removing the price barriers to quality fleet management solutions

As a business, we work just as hard for the smaller start-ups as we do the large corporations. In support of this, Connect Fleet is committed to ensuring our modern software solutions are financially accessible to all businesses. Our $0 upfront, all-inclusive, no lock-in contract option is proof of this commitment.

$0 upfront, all-inclusive, no lock-in contract option

Embracing digital technology to improve the management of your fleet and operations can improve business efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Who doesn’t want that? These benefits are even better when you can effectively trial the software with minimal financial outlay.

We understand that in current times, fleet operators may be more risk-averse and want to keep a tight hold of the purse strings. However, with our $0 upfront, all-inclusive, no lock-in contract option, we’re confident that you’ll love our affordable fleet management solutions and reap the rewards which streamlined operations can bring. As an alternative to long-term contract options, we give you the choice to use our software, paying as you go. At a later date, if or when you want to, you can then choose to move to longer-term contract options.

Connect Fleet’s low-risk fleet management and operations solutions include:
  • Cloud-based software platform which means there’s no need to purchase new hardware.
  • Comprehensive management software that delivers extensive functionality.
  • Complementary applications that support a mobile workforce.
  • Included expert local support from our friendly Australian Connect Fleet team.
Reduce your operations costs with an affordable fleet management solution:
  • Options to reduce monthly spend using long-term contract options (12-60mths).
  • Mobile device management to analyse, manage and reduce mobile spend.
  • A huge range of GPS devices to suit your unique needs and budget.
  • Options to rent or buy GPS devices outright.
  • Options to integrate your existing GPS devices onto the ConnectTrak platform.
  • No minimum devices.
  • No minimum users.

Contact our friendly team today and schedule a no-obligation, customised platform demo today.

Connect Fleet’s industry-leading solutions help Australian businesses of all sizes — across all industries — optimise their operations with better management of their valuable assets and staff. Discover the Connect Fleet difference and see the benefits that our innovative software platforms can bring to your business.

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions please reach out.

Kate Prentice
Marketing & Digital Media

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