Take a proactive approach to the well-being and safety of your staff with a GPS tracking solution.

Worker safety—a priority for businesses

Worker safety is often the number one priority for a business, particularly those businesses with isolated or remote workers that may be exposed to higher risks or hazardous situations. Employers have a duty of care to their staff and must comply with the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011 to protect the welfare of the workers, while at work and under their employment.

Unfortunately, when incidents do occur, many businesses then suffer from the financial impact of injury and compensation claims, stress, or extended sick leave.

Which isolated or remote workers are most at risk?

Some workers who face increased risk include, but are not limited to;

  • All-night convenience store and service station attendants
  • Community nurses carrying out clinical visits at night
  • Sales representatives, including real estate agents
  • Long distance freight transport drivers
  • Agricultural workers, scientists, park rangers and others carrying out solo field work
  • Health and other community workers, working with members of the public but may be isolated from their colleagues

Which hazards affect isolated or remote workers?

  • Accidents or emergencies arising out of the workplace, including inadequate provision of immediate first aid
  • Sudden illnesses
  • Physical violence from members of the public and/or intruders
  • Travel risks consisting of unsuitable vehicles or other modes of transport
  • Direct psychological impacts as a result of the work environment
  • Direct physical impacts as a result of the work environment

How does Connect Fleet help protect isolated and remote workers?

Connect Fleet offers an innovative tracking solution that utilises GPS technology and intelligent software that, when implemented, provides your business with the tools to better manage the safety of remote or isolated employees.

Many GPS solution providers offer external SOS devices (i.e. dongles that hang around the neck of the employee). However, we find that many workers leave these clunky dongles in their car because they may fear someone being offended by the device, or they simply forget to take the dongle with them as it’s not a habit.

The Connect Fleet solution is reliable and convenient, comprising a tracking app that can be downloaded onto an employee’s existing mobile device. Utilising a tool that people, by nature, are rarely apart from these days ensures that help is always within arm’s reach.

Improve worker safety with gps tracking
Our tracking app provides the following safety features:
  • Employer-set alarms or notifications: If a driver doesn’t meet a particular task, or make it to a certain location on time, an alert will be activated for someone to check in with the driver.

  • Accurate GPS location tracking in real time: Give employee’s confidence that while they may be working alone, their location is always known.

  • In-app* SOS button: If a worker presses the SOS button, an alert will be sent to a pre-defined email list and a message will be sent direct to the Connect Fleet platform. This ensures a call for help will be seen quickly and assistance provided. *Android devices can add the SOS button as a widget to a user’s home screen.

  • Two-way communication through the app: Keep your communication related to a task/job in one convenient place with two-way messaging in the tracking app.

  • ‘Fit for work’ online forms: Assess a worker’s ability to perform their daily tasks with a digital form that must be completed prior to starting a new task.

The Connect Fleet tracking app enables an employer to be more proactive in their approach to staff safety and accountability. Gaining more visibility over staff, and knowing their exact location, can only improve a workplace through improved worker safety leading to increased worker confidence.

Learn more about our Fleet tracking software and Field scheduling software, or contact us today if you want to chat about how Connect Fleet can help keep your remote or isolated workers safe.

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