The COVID-19 pandemic has set in motion the most complex, challenging and unprecedented times we’ve seen. It has brought fear, concern, and uncertainty to us all. Government–enforced restrictions to try to halt the spread of the virus by “flattening the curve” have had a huge impact on our economy, businesses and lives. Businesses that survive are more likely to be those capable of working remotely.

Unfortunately, some industries are hurting significantly because they cannot take their work home with them. For others, however, technology provides the key to working remotely.

Is your business capable of adapting to changing conditions?

Self-isolation because of this pandemic requires folks to stay at home and to avoid contact with others. Businesses must find ways to adapt how they operate to keep their staff employed and their inbound cash flow coming.

Businesses/roles that rely on being ‘in the office’ are more likely to be impacted than the agile ones that are location-independent. They will have the best chance of continuing business as usual and are typically the ones who have embraced technology into their operations so that they can operate from anywhere.

Surviving the new reality, remotely.

In a world of uncertainty, your business is one thing you can control. Simply put—you need to know it can work wherever you have to go. Ensuring business agility and operational visibility is critical.

Connect Fleet works with many industries from civil construction to mining, plant hire to government, to provide real-time visibility over their fleet management and operations. Our solution combines modern GPS tracking with cloud-based software and mobile apps to provide businesses with an all-encompassing fleet management solution that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Working with reduced contact and/or remotely is looking more likely for the foreseeable future, and we are committed to helping businesses that manage a fleet, become agile. We can give you visibility, management and control of your fleet, direct from any location. Schedule tasks from your kitchen, view booked assets from your study, check maintenance schedules from the living room.

Working remotely is our new norm

Connect Fleet delivers full fleet visibility and management from any location, anytime.

We understand that these times are extremely challenging and we want to remove the barriers of shifting to a new way of working. We believe that all businesses should be able to access quality GPS fleet and operations management solutions.

Connect Fleet’s flexible solutions include:

  • cloud-based software platform to view and manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device
  • complementary applications to support a mobile workforce
  • $0 upfront, all-inclusive, no lock-in contract option
  • reduced monthly spend via longer-term contract options (12-48mths)
  • mobile device management
  • expert local support
  • no minimum devices

We want to see Australian businesses not only survive, but also thrive during these times. As every situation will be different, every solution must also be tailored to requirements. Embracing modern technology, such as ours, will give your business and employees the chance of working remotely.

Setting the agile wheels in motion.

You may have already been thinking of digitising your business processes, or just begun learning about the benefits of GPS and cloud technology. In any case, while the current climate may fast track any decisions you make about implementing modern systems into your operations, the positive is that you’re instantly so much better prepared for the next challenge that arises!

Building an agile business that can adapt quickly and easily to change is going to benefit you, your employees and your customers. Getting real-time visibility and being able to control your fleet and operations from any location can help you do this.

If you genuinely want to discuss how Connect Fleet could help you manage your business remotely, please contact us by filling in your details below or call us on 1300 735 797 to start this conversation today!

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