A geofence is when you create a virtual geographical boundary around a physical location.

illustration of person looking at gps map on tablet with zoom in of gps marker showing geofence

Types of geofences

In fleet management software there will typically be a few types of geofences available to use.

  • Circle geofences cover a geographical area with a given centre and the shape of a circle with a radius that a user can define.
  • Polygon geofences cover an area bounded by an arbitrary polygon with any number of vertices.
  • Finally, a route geofence allows you to create a virtual perimeter between two (or more) points. For example, it may be used in order to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t leave a predetermined route, and if it does, an alarm can be set to inform the interested party.

Top geofencing use cases

  1. Around any location where assets are stored for long periods of time, on a daily basis
    Alerts can be set to indicate an asset leaving and/or returning from that location. They can also be set to notify fleet managers of any unauthorised movement.
  2. Around your remote worksites
    A geofence boundary around an active worksite gives an employer clear visibility of all assets that enter and exit that worksite, and can help to report on the number of hours the asset has spent onsite — ultimately tracking the billable hours for each asset. Project compliance is enhanced with the use of geofencing around job sites.

5 ways geofencing can improve your fleet management

  1. Prevent theft: with real time alerts that trigger an SMS when geofence boundaries are breached.
  2. Speed up asset recovery: real time GPS tracking of assets can help located stolen equipment quickly.
  3. Enhance project visibility: notifications can be given when drivers arrive and leave a site, assisting with scheduling. Monitor asset usage on-site and redeploy when necessary.
  4. Help with payroll: reduce manual time sheets of casual staff and use GPS geofencing data to digitally ‘clock in/out’ at job sites.
  5. Ensure compliance: quickly identify breaches of local regulations with geofences set around known route restrictions. Ensure projects run smoothly by using geofencing with alarms in place. In case of a breach, a compliance manager can respond and communicate quickly with the parties involved, and work to improve processes so that further breaches are avoided.

Improve the daily management of your on-the-go fleet with geofences and GPS tracking. Use real-time alerts and notifications to protect against theft, ensure compliance and use geofence data to improve billing accuracy.

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