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GPS fleet management gives you back control

Go digital with the cloud-based ConnectTrak software platform—powered by Connect Fleet

GPS Asset Tracking

Track, monitor and manage your valuable assets in real time via our easy-to-use and intuitive software platform and apps.

Our platform offers visual displays of asset locations, speed, engine hours, maintenance required and more.

Fleet Management

Get accurate visibility of your fleet’s data in real time so that you can optimise your fleet and operations.

Locate your assets easily, track asset utilisation, set maintenance schedules, download history, generate reports and more.

Fleet Maintenance

Ensure high fleet availability by managing a proactive asset servicing and fleet maintenance schedule.

Utilise features such as live engine hours, service reminders, download history, utilisation reports and others help you reduce costs.

Trucking Software

Easily operate a fleet on the go with real time visibility.

Reduce costs and improve operations with service reminders, job tasking, fuel tax reporting, route management, engine hours monitoring, driver safety management and more.

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“The ConnectTrak platform is easy to configure, maintain and a pleasure to use. The mobile app assists our workshop and field technicians in real time, to perform timely vehicle servicing—an OH&S must in our industry.”

Tony Allpress
General Manager, Proquip Rental and Sales

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Complete Visibility
in Real Time

With full visibility of all connected assets, you can easily track, monitor and manage your fleet’s performance from our easy to use dashboard.

Our GPS fleet management platform uses your fleet’s data to deliver custom reports and alerts to help you run your operation more efficiently.

Reduced Costs & Optimised Operations

Digitise your fleet operations and identify efficiency improvements that deliver cost savings.

Automatically generate and analyse GPS-verified data to monitor asset utilisation, reduce unnecessary driving, proactively manage maintenance, bill accurately, claim on fuel tax, and increase team productivity.

Gain Transparency
on Driver Behaviours

Live team locations, GPS tracking and critical event alerts ensure employees are driving safely and looking after your valuable business assets.

Analyse your data to manage driving behaviours such as excessive idling, harsh breaking and speeding to reduce wear and tear, fuel costs and promote safer operations.

Manage Your Operations Remotely

Confidently run your fleet using our all-inclusive, cloud-based software platform from any location, at any time, on any device.

Have complete visibility of your fleet, know assets locations, allocate tasks to staff, and communicate with your team on the road promptly and directly via the mobile app.

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“We all found the ConnectTrak platform easy to navigate and intuitive for our users. The visibility we have now is helping us make informed business decisions to ensure we keep delivering the best service to our customers, every single day.”
Leanne Sullivan
Director, Aussie Excavators Plant Hire

Partner with Australia’s best GPS provider

Genuine Partnership

We are genuinely interested in understanding your business and operations, to ensure that our solutions best meets your needs and delivering the most value.

Local Support
& Service

We pride ourselves on building enduring relationships with our clients and delivering the superior service and support we are known for.

No-contract Option

Our flexible rental packages can move your business into a digital future with many options to suit, including a $0 upfront, all-inclusive, no lock-in contract option.

User-friendly Interface

Our innovative software platform features simple dashboards that are easy to navigate and quick to learn, ensuring you get up and running fast.

Latest GPS Technology

The team at Connect Fleet are committed to providing clients with the latest technology options which best suit your requirements.

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“We chose Connect Fleet’s mobile management app as it matched our operational requirements and we could easily integrate it with our existing systems through the open API. The Connect Fleet offering is flexible, intuitive, and innovative. With the app in use, we’re in a position to better manage our projects while delivering improved customer service.”

Chris West
Managing Director, Fleet Plant Hire

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Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a personalised demo and experience a live tour of our software platform with one of our solutions experts.

To start the process, one of our team members will call you to ask a few standard questions to help us truly understand your unique requirements. We then tailor the demonstration based around your specific needs, industry, fleet type etc.

As long as you want! You are in control of how long you want the demo to run.

If you’re limited with time, we can tailor the demo to ensure you gain as much insight and understanding of the benefits within the timeframe given.
If you have more time up your sleeve, we can take you through each and every feature that the platform offers in more detail to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Yes. Client feedback consistently tells us that our software is easy to navigate, intuitive and quick to learn.

You can confidently manage your fleet at any time, from anywhere, on any device, using our all-inclusive platform.

A GPS fleet management and operations solution is essential for any business with a fleet of valuable assets. It allows you to track, monitor and manage assets such as heavy machinery and equipment, company vehicles or non-powered valuables such as trailers and shipping containers.

Knowing how your assets are being used will ultimately help you get back in control and optimise your business operations.

Yes. Our software is cloud-based, which means you can track your assets from anywhere in the world.

We also offer a mobile app that allows you to track your fleet from any device—be it a desktop, laptop or smartphone. Simply login and track your fleet from the palm of your hand.

You sure can! Our software can track powered and non-powered assets—such as trailers, portable toilets and shipping containers.

We offer an extensive range of GPS devices which means that you can track just about anything!

Connect Fleet is Australia’s most trusted GPS fleet management and operations software provider, and is backed by our local support team of experts.

Our innovative software platform is easy to navigate, quick to learn and is designed to give you full visibility over your fleet of valuable assets so you can improve business efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance your customer offering.

We build genuine partnerships with our clients and are proud of the exceptional care and support we deliver. Our promise to you is about taking the time to really understand your business and your goals, then tailoring a solution to help you achieve those goals.

Partner with us to grow your business and enjoy the benefits of joining the Fleet Family.

Yes we do! Before the software goes live in your business, we offer comprehensive training on our GPS fleet management and operations software platform.

We also offer ongoing support and consultations to ensure you are extracting maximum value from our software solution.

We certainly do! We believe that every business should have access to a quality GPS fleet management solution, so we offer flexible payment options.

From $0, no-contract, all-inclusive options through to 48mth rental plans, we can tailor a solution that meets your business requirements.

Yes. Businesses who buy our devices outright are offered 12 months warranty, and those who choose one of our flexible rental plans are provided with a warranty for the full duration of that rental agreement.

As many as you need! We don’t limit the number of users and you control user access levels.

Enhance your customer offering with pre-defined access to their data via our software platform.

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