At a turbulent time for many businesses, searching for a better way to manage your operations is key.

Will Penney, Sales Specialist at Connect Fleet , shares his insights as to how GPS can help to optimise operations:

“Gaining just a few percentage points by making your day-to-day operations more efficient makes a massive difference in your bottom line year-on-year. Now, more than ever, we are seeing businesses approach us to help apply best practice when it comes to GPS fleet and operations management via our intuitive ConnectTrak platform,” says Will.

Maintaining continuity in operations is essential

The volatile nature of the hire industry is something that business operators have been dealing with and balancing for a very long time. That said, maintaining continuity in operations is often the cornerstone for a hire business and ensures high-end service delivery to their customers. The ability to deliver consistent levels of product and service creates customer loyalty — something that every business in the hire space strives to achieve and retain.

“One of the real surprises for us has been the fantastic reflection from our hire clients, on how Connect Fleet has helped them realise better long-term relationships with their customers,” he remarked. “Our platform allows our clients to easily create custom reports to monitor and manage engine hours, and set automatic service reminders to reduce the risk of unplanned asset downtime and can help to track asset utilisation. This is extremely valuable when a hire company wants to deliver their products at an ongoing, high standard.”

GPS can help to build agility into your business

An example of delivering this high standard is one of Connect Fleet’s clients, Aussie Excavators Plant Hire (Aussie Excavators). Aussie Excavators are leaders in the wet plant hire industry in South-East Queensland, providing specialist earthmoving solutions for more than 30 years. They offer an extensive fleet that delivers high levels of availability and productivity due to their disciplined replacement and maintenance philosophy. Embracing technology such as GPS has enabled Aussie Excavators to deliver on this philosophy and to create an agile business driven to meet and exceed their customer needs and their expectations.

Since implementing the Connect Fleet GPS solution, Aussie Excavators have seen a reduction in machinery downtime, enhanced customer satisfaction, managed to recoup lost revenue, and have seen an increase in productivity due to operators being made more accountable. Aussie Excavators use the customisable reporting functionality to monitor and manage engine hours for their fleet digitally. These reports have helped to reduce the risk of unplanned asset unavailability and track asset utilisation.

“The visibility we have now is helping us make more informed business decisions to ensure we keep delivering the best service to our customers, every single day,” said Leanne Sullivan, Director, Aussie Excavators Plant Hire.

Backed by their fleet’s utilisation data, Aussie Excavators can actively ‘right-size’ their offerings to meet changing customer needs and stay committed to their mission of delivering exceptional service and value to their customer base. 

Connect Fleet proudly supports the plant hire industry

“We take great pride in sitting down with hire businesses to discuss their roadblocks in operational efficiency, and suggesting ways in which a GPS fleet and operations management solution could help to realise reductions in bottom-line costs, while assisting to deliver a consistent high-end offering to their customers” says Will, but reflects, “this is a passion of the entire Connect Fleet team”.

Client Aussie Excavators use ConnectTrak software platform to manage their fleet of assets

Connect Fleet’s industry-leading solutions help Australian businesses of all sizes — across all industries — optimise their operations with better management of their valuable assets and staff. Discover the Connect Fleet difference and see the benefits that our innovative software platforms can bring to your business.

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions please reach out.

Kate Prentice
Marketing & Digital Media

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