It’s no secret that the key to business growth is one that runs efficiently and effectively. If you want to optimise your business and your fleet, you need to be certain that your day-to-day processes are streamlined and working together. Data integration is how you make this happen.

Why is data integration important to your business?

Integration allows a business to create a central cloud software architecture capable of seamlessly connecting and feeding the data you want between systems and software. This enables more informed decision-making, optimised processes and operations, and improved usability and visibility of operations.

What are the benefits of integrating your fleet and business operation systems?
  • Faster information sharing between functions allows you to streamline business processes, operations and communications.
  • Improved usability and visibility with staff using one system/location to get a view across their operations rather than having to work across multiple programs.
What are the risks of systems operating independently?

If you’re currently operating with a multitude of systems and/or programs in place, you may face the following risks:

  • lack of effective communication between systems
  • underutilisation, confusion or loss of available data.

How does data integration work?

Data integration occurs in a “neutral zone”—the application programming interface (API). An API effectively bridges two different systems/environments to provide a seamless working environment that offers you automation across your operations.

If your business operates using applications or programs with open API access, your business can integrate any number of platforms with complete flexibility. This would allow you to extract the data you want, in the way that you need.

Diagram showing example of Connect Fleet data integration

How Connect Fleet facilitates integration

Here at Connect Fleet, we take a flexible approach to integration. We strive to find or develop the right solution to meet a business’ needs. Our development and technical support team work hand-in-hand to ensure the integration is seamless when using our platform. This is followed by comprehensive training, and ongoing support and consultations to ensure you’re extracting the most value from our solution.

Our ConnectTrak GPS fleet management platform can be integrated with almost any existing business programs. We provide our clients with access to our open API for the ultimate in cloud software architecture customisation. Let our experienced team help you move your business into a digital future with a GPS fleet management solution. Fleet data integration with your other business software solutions will help you to optimise your business operations. Simply ask us the question and we will endeavour to find you a solution.

Learn more about our process or services for enterprises with larger fleets.  For more information, or if you have any questions about integration, please contact us today

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