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Agility and technology is key.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—in order to stay competitive, businesses must be agile enough to adapt to changing customer needs and industry trends, and forward-thinking enough to recognise that technology is the only way to handle change efficiently. And that’s where we come in!

Here at Connect Fleet, we help businesses gain a comprehensive real-time view of their fleets, enabling them to manage them more effectively and efficiently. Our GPS fleet management solution easily tracks, monitors and manages assets via our user-friendly software platform. It’s a simple solution to many complex (and sometimes hidden) headaches.

We chatted to the Director of Aussie Excavators Plant Hire (Aussie Excavators), Leanne, and found out why they wanted GPS tracking and how their business is benefiting from it.

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GPS tracking is reducing fleet downtime, recouping lost revenue and increasing productivity.

Aussie Excavators are leaders in the wet plant hire industry in South-East Queensland, providing specialist earthmoving solutions for over 30 years. They’re serious about providing great service and pride themselves on offering an extensive fleet that achieves high levels of both availability and productivity. They deliver on their promises too, thanks to the technology they’ve embraced.

Prompted by the theft of a posi-track, Aussie Excavators decided that they needed to look at implementing GPS tracking for their assets. They knew that tracking devices wouldn’t stop theft (it is just a stationary box after all!), but the ability to increase the chance and speed of asset recovery was one of many reasons they decided to track their fleet.

Aussie Excavators wanted a digital way to monitor and manage their fleet, and to avoid the headaches of unexpected asset downtime. Leanne said that they’re using the Connect Fleet software platform — ConnectTrak — to get a complete view of their assets in real time.

Connect Fleet’s innovative software has given Aussie Excavators the ability to:
  • schedule asset maintenance and set alerts
  • create customised reports on engine hours
  • track and manage asset utilisation
  • recoup lost revenue from unauthorised asset usage
  • reduce the risk of unplanned asset unavailability

Backed by their fleet’s utilisation data, Aussie Excavators are now able to ‘right-size’ their fleet offerings to meet changing customer needs. With Connect Fleet they can manage their fleet down to the minute!

Read the full Aussie Excavators client story and learn more about their experience with Connect Fleet. 

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