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When Michael and the team realised their asset was stolen from site, read how they recovered it successfully thanks to our GPS asset tracking feature.

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When did you notice your asset was stolen?

We left our skid-steer loader onsite for the night, and one of our employees was due to collect it the next day.

Initially when he arrived and saw it was gone, he thought someone had collected it already or that it may have been borrowed. I received a phone call and immediately went on to the Connect Fleet platform on my phone.

What went through your mind when you realised it was missing?

My knew my asset had been knocked off! I called the police at 6:30am, and they recovered my machine by 9:30am.

They found a bunch of other stolen assets and equipment at the same location, including an excavator on a trailer that didn’t have GPS tracking installed. The owner of that asset was pretty lucky my asset did!

How quickly did you think to use our asset tracking software, and what did that process look like?

As soon as I received the phone call from my employee, I went straight to my phone to find it.

My asset had moved from site during the night, and then on to two different locations throughout the early morning. At one of those particular locations, the crooks used it to steal a generator.

Have you had any other assets or equipment stolen prior to this excavator?

No, this was the first time.

What would you say to other businesses that don’t have this software installed?

This software has paid for itself! We would have never found our asset without Connect Fleet’s GPS tracking.

Thanks for reading!

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Meagan Berkhout
Marketing & Digital Media