For many of our clients, their business depends on having an ‘always available’ fleet of assets to hire out. This means having to keep on top of regular maintenance for an entire fleet. Depending on your systems and processes in place, this task can be either simple and stress-free, or complicated, inefficient and stressful.

Prevention is better than cure.

An unexpected asset breakdown that results in lost bookings, frustrated customers, asset downtime while parts arrive, repairing time… much of this can actually be prevented if you are all over your asset servicing and maintenance schedules for your fleet.

Managing these tasks manually relies on waiting for assets to return to the yard before you can check the engine hours accurately and odometer readings in real time. From there it can be a lengthy process of waiting for a service slot and for parts, if required. The longer your assets are off the road, the more your finances hurt. Compare this to a modern, GPS fleet management solution that can give you visibility of the key maintenance trigger—engine hours—in real-time, and alerts that you can customise to flag when a service is due.

Benefits of a digital fleet management solution:
  • saves time by setting automated maintenance alerts digitally
  • reduces human recording errors that can lead to breakdowns
  • ensures high fleet availability by managing a proactive and pre-emptive service schedule
  • improves operator safety by ensuring assets are always up-to-date on services

What type of features should you look for in a modern fleet management platform?

There are many GPS fleet management options out there so ensure you experience the platform, dashboards and reporting features for yourself before committing to a solution.

A good GPS fleet management solution should be user-friendly and intuitive, with comprehensive reporting features and real-time visibility over your fleet. Here are few features to look out for:

  • Live engine-hours reporting
  • Ability to set and customise service reminders to enable you to easily schedule fleet maintenance
  • Simple and easy utilisation reports
  • Backed by a knowledgable, friendly, and most of all, available, support team.

We chatted to Rob, Purchasing at Proquip Rental and Sales (Proquip), to find out why they chose Connect Fleet’s GPS fleet management solution to support their growing fleet.

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Connect Fleet GPS tracking is powering Proquip’s comprehensive fleet maintenance programme.

Proquip are a leading dry hire and equipment sales company based in Melton, Victoria, servicing all types of industries across Australia. Proquip offer a large fleet of modern, high-quality earthmoving and associated equipment, which undergoes regular servicing to manufacturers’ standards.

To support their extensive maintenance programme, Proquip wanted a more efficient and effective way to manage their growing fleet. After discovering Connect Fleet, Proquip knew they’d found the solution. It’s been a great partnership and they’re now using Connect Fleet’s user-friendly GPS fleet management software to manage the servicing and maintenance of their large range of assets.

Rob said that, “the Connect Fleet platform really exceeded his expectations of a what a system could do.”

Connect Fleet’s intelligent platform has given Proquip the ability to:
  • protect their investments against theft
  • efficiently induct equipment onto any site knowing their service scheduling is safeguarded by GPS
  • improve customer satisfaction through access to machine hours reporting
  • give the workshop manager full maintenance visibility in one platform.

With their robust maintenance schedules set via the Connect Fleet platform, Proquip can focus on growing their business, confident in the knowledge that they’ll never miss a service!

Read the full Proquip client story here and discover more about how they’re benefitting from using the Connect Fleet solution.

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If you want to learn more about how the Connect Fleet platform can improve your fleet management, give our friendly team a call on 1300 735 797.

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