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Cowan and Sons have been a customer with Connect Fleet for over a year now, and are a proud family-run business based in Victoria.

Nev and the team provide dry hire of heavy machinery and equipment, as well as offer quality repair and maintenance services of heavy commercial vehicles and equipment.

When Cowan and Sons realised their excavator and trailer were missing one morning, read our interview with them and see how we located it in 10 minutes and recovered it successfully using how our GPS asset tracking feature.

When did you notice your asset was stolen?

Another business rents space in our yard and when they arrived early morning they realised some tools were missing, this was the start of a very eventful morning.

Through the Connect Fleet mobile app, we realised our excavator and trailer was also missing from our yard in Ravenhall, but sitting in the suburb Kilmore which is over an hour away.

Reviewing the video surveillance, these professional thieves were in and out of our yard in less than 5 minutes. They entered at 2:17am, and left with our excavator at 2:20am.

“We phoned our local police, and the Kilmore police, within the hour, the organised gang who had stolen our machine were busted and four people were arrested onsite.”

What went through your mind when you realised it was missing?

Initially, lots of very bad language. This was the second robbery from our site in two days, the day prior we had a few parts stolen.This time they took our 1 tonne excavator and trailer worth over $50,000.

Close up of a digger at a site

How quickly did you think to use our asset tracking software, and what did that process look like?

Once we had heard someone had broken in to our yard, we immediately logged in and located our excavator was. Nev got dressed and started making his way to Kilmore, and called the police on the way.

It was a pretty big operation we busted. Our piece of equipment was sitting with over a dozen other stolen assets. There were shipping containers onsite, so it is likely our excavator and trailer would have been sold on the black market and shipped overseas. The property they found it was quite secluded, set back from the road and heavy bush blocked it from view.

“We would have never found our machine and trailer, if it was not for the Connect Fleet (In Liquidation) software.”

What would have happened if you were not able to recover it?

We did have insurance but thankfully we didn’t have to use it. At the end of the day it would have been a lost asset for us, and we would be out of pocket due to booked jobs. It would have caused a real headache going through the insurance process.

Have you had any other assets or equipment stolen prior to this excavator?

Last May we had a truck stolen. The ironic thing was, we were in the process of installing your GPS tracking in to the business, but it was not yet set up. If they had stolen it a day later, we may have located it!

What would you say to other businesses that don’t have this software installed?

They are silly not to have it, as it saves you a lot of money in the end.

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