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government gps tracking and fleet management enhances fleet efficiency and safety
  • GPS live location tracking and integration with your professional map provider ensures full asset visibility for faster response times

  • ADAS tool coaches safer driving behaviours to enhance driver and public safety, while reducing fleet costs

  • Mobile Device Management improves job dispatch, project compliance and team communications

  • Set geofencing, alerts and notifications to boost asset security

  • Run custom reports and analyse your fleet’s data to uncover opportunities to increase efficiencies

  • Live engine hours monitoring informs proactive servicing schedule and helps with monitoring carbon emissions

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Increased resource efficiency

Do you have full visibility over your operations? Track, monitor and analyse your fleet data to identify opportunities to improve process or fleet efficiency. Digital fleet management software improves asset utilisation, assists with calculating your FTC, optimises job routing, improves dispatcher communications and response, and reduces resource waste.

Safer driving behaviour

Want to coach your drivers on safer habits? Our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) tool uses driver data to identify key factors like speeding and harsh braking, and encourages safer driving habits to reduce the risk of accidents and better protect the public. Reduce asset wear and tear, and minimise fuel wastage from the likes of excessive idling. 

Enhanced high-value asset security

Want to know where/how your assets are being used? Manage and protect your government fleet with GPS tracking for instant asset visibility and run fleet utilisation reports to manage asset performance. Geofencing and alerts help increase the chance of recovery in the case of theft, and can help to stop unauthorised use.  

Reduced unplanned downtime

Want to reduce unplanned asset downtime? Ensure your fleet servicing is up-to-date to improve staff and public safety, while minimising unplanned outage, costs and delays. Easily track and monitor live engine hours, set alerts to schedule routine services and use fleet utilisation data to inform your proactive fleet maintenance programme.

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“We chose Connect Fleet’s mobile management app as it matched our operational requirements and we could easily integrate it with our existing systems through the open API. The Connect Fleet offering is flexible, intuitive, and innovative. With the app in use, we’re in a position to better manage our projects while delivering improved customer service.”
Chris West
Managing Director, Fleet Plant Hire

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A GPS fleet management and operations solution is essential for any agency with a fleet of valuable assets. It allows you to track, monitor and manage assets such as heavy machinery and equipment, company vehicles or non-powered valuables such as trailers and shipping containers.

Knowing how your assets are being used will ultimately help you get back in control and optimise your operations.

Our software platform, ConnectTrak, can not only track your on-road fleet, but can also track non-powered assets such as trailers and shipping containers.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a personalised demo and experience a live tour of our software platform with one of our solutions experts.

To start the process, one of our team members will call you to ask a few standard questions to help us truly understand your unique requirements. We then tailor the demonstration based around your specific needs, fleet type etc.

As long as you want! You are in control of how long you want the demo to run.

If you’re limited with time, we can tailor the demo to ensure you gain as much insight and understanding of the benefits within the timeframe given.
If you have more time up your sleeve, we can take you through each and every feature that the platform offers in more detail to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

The key benefits of GPS tracking in our platform for your operators, is improved worker safety and day-to-day efficiency.

Functionality such as pre-defined alerts and alarms, accurate location tracking in real time, the in-app SOS button, two-way communications through the mobile management app, and ‘fit for work’ online forms ensure assets are maintained properly, that staff reach their destinations safely and that tedious paperwork is kept to a minimum.

Connect Fleet is Australia’s most trusted fleet management and operations software provider, and is backed by our local support team of experts.

Our innovative software platform is easy to navigate, quick to learn and is designed to give you full visibility over your fleet of valuable assets so you can improve business efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance your customer offering.

We build genuine partnerships with our clients and are proud of the exceptional care and support we deliver. Our promise to you is about taking the time to really understand your business and your goals, then tailoring a solution to help you achieve those goals.

Partner with us to grow your business and enjoy the benefits of joining the Fleet Family.

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