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GPS equipment tracking shows unauthorised use notifications for mini excavator
  • Use GPS asset tracking, geo-fencing and alerts for additional on-site security

  • Set maintenance schedule using live engine hours

  • Claim maximum rebates with our fuel tax credit reporting system

  • Mobilise and support your workforce with MDM and worker safety features

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Construction industry customer Earthworx logo
“I called the police at 6:30am, and they recovered my machine by 9:30am. They found a bunch of other stolen assets and equipment at the same location…This software has paid for itself! We would have never found our asset without Connect Fleet’s GPS equipment tracking.”

Michael Cross
Owner, All Across Earthworx

Enhanced fleet protection

Want to safeguard your investments on work sites? GPS tracking, geofencing, alerts and instant notifications can improve the chance of recovery in the case of theft and can help to reduce insurance costs. Our fleet management software for the construction industry also includes ADAS and driver behaviour management tools to reduce asset wear and tear—extending the life of your assets—and encouraging safer driving.

Monitor asset utilisation

Want to see exactly how and when your construction equipment is being used? Use GPS equipment tracking to monitor engine hours, set custom geofencing, custom alerts and use your fleet’s data in reports to gain transparency over your asset utilisation. Review the performance of tracked assets and discover opportunities to improve equipment efficiency and productivity.

Proactive fleet maintenance

Relying on operators to tell you when your assets need servicing? Never miss a service with the ability to easily track and monitor engine hours and asset usage. Use live data from your assets to inform your proactive fleet maintenance programme. Set alerts and schedule routine services to minimise asset downtime, unplanned costs and delays.

Operational efficiency

Do you have a true understanding of your business operations? Use your fleet’s unique data to monitor and review your operations, while identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. Embracing a digital fleet management solution improves job bidding and billing accuracy, assists with calculating your FTC, and streamlines operations to help reduce costs and increase your ROI.

Live fleet mobilisation

Want to support a mobile fleet across multiple sites? Improve field service management with incorporated job scheduling and live status updates to mobilise staff and fleet efficiently. Construction companies use fleet management software with GPS tracking to dispatch jobs on the fly, optimise routing, send staff notifications direct to mobile and track job progress.

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Construction industry client Freeman Foundation uses GPS equipment tracking
“Since adding the tracking, we know where our assets are at any given moment… I have found GPS tracking has really benefitted me and my business from a planning perspective. If I need to send a driver to another worksite, or make a detour, I know exactly where they are and can communicate with him directly. This ensures a more efficient management of person vs equipment vs location.

Glenn Freeman
Director, Freeman Foundation

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A GPS fleet management and operations solution is essential for any business with a fleet of valuable assets. It allows you to track, monitor and manage assets such as heavy machinery and equipment, company vehicles or non-powered valuables such as trailers and shipping containers.

Knowing how your assets are being used will ultimately help you get back in control and optimise your business operations.

ConnectTrak can not only track your on-road fleet, but can also track non-powered assets such as trailers and shipping containers.

Our innovative GPS fleet management solution can record when a vehicle is switched on, how long it operates for and where it is operating. This data is captured from hard-wired or plug-and-play GPS devices that are installed in the assets you’d like to track. Fleet managers can view this data on a desktop computer via the fleet management platform and in many cases, they can also view from anywhere in the world on a mobile device via the sister app.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a personalised demo and experience a live tour of our software platform with one of our solutions experts.

To start the process, one of our team members will call you to ask a few standard questions to help us truly understand your unique requirements. We then tailor the demonstration based around your specific needs, industry, fleet type etc.

As long as you want! You are in control of how long you want the demo to run.

If you’re limited with time, we can tailor the demo to ensure you gain as much insight and understanding of the benefits within the timeframe given.
If you have more time up your sleeve, we can take you through each and every feature that the platform offers in more detail to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

The key benefits of GPS tracking in our platform for your operators, is improved worker safety and day-to-day efficiency.

Functionality such as pre-defined alerts and alarms, accurate location tracking in real time, the in-app SOS button, two-way communications through the mobile management app, and ‘fit for work’ online forms ensure assets are maintained properly, that drivers reach their destinations safely and that tedious paperwork is kept to a minimum.

Connect Fleet is Australia’s most trusted GPS fleet management and operations software provider, and is backed by our local support team of experts.

Our innovative software platform is easy to navigate, quick to learn and is designed to give you full visibility over your fleet of valuable assets so you can improve business efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance your customer offering.

We build genuine partnerships with our clients and are proud of the exceptional care and support we deliver. Our promise to you is about taking the time to really understand your business and your goals, then tailoring a solution to help you achieve those goals.

Partner with us to grow your business and enjoy the benefits of joining the Fleet Family.

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