Take control of your fleet and use GPS tracking to monitor, respond and manage your assets proactively.

Manage your fleet and assets with certainty

Managing your fleet of assets with certainty, requires accurate knowledge of those assets and exactly how they’re being used. Understanding your fleet performance allows you to establish proactive maintenance schedules, capture revenue more accurately and find ways to right size your fleet offering.

GPS tracking enables you to monitor engine running time, so you can use that data to proactively plan servicing and maintenance works for those assets. Taking action to measure your fleet’s performance—including monitoring and reviewing engine hours for your vehicles—helps to protect your investments, extract the most value from those investments, and invoice accurately and confidently for use of those investments.

Why should I track engine hours?

Proactive maintenance, right-sizing your fleet, accurate billing and fleet monitoring on productivity are the key reasons why you need to know the engine hours of your assets. Ultimately, it helps you to determine the total cost of ownership of your investments. 

Read our blog post “4 Simple reasons to track engine hours” to learn more about protecting your investments.

What process should I use to track engine hours – manual or digital?

Tracking engine hours will either be a manual process or done digitally via intelligent GPS fleet management software. The manual method is less efficient and accurate compared to a digitally automated solution. Manual tracking simply runs the risk of inaccurate recordings and incurs a regular cost of labour associated with these tasks.

However, if you watch the businesses leading their fields, be it in plant & machinery hire or civil & general construction for example, chances are they will have likely undergone a digital transformation and are using modern processes across the business. By embracing new technology such as GPS fleet management platform, these leading businesses can record and track engine hours digitally via their software. This enables them to recoup and reassign the saved hours of manual labour required to do the same tasks (and with greater accuracy).

How are engine hours digitally tracked?

An innovative GPS fleet management solution can record when a vehicle is switched on, how long it operates for and where it is operating. This data is captured from either hard-wired or plug-and-play GPS devices that are installed in the assets you’d like to track. Fleet managers can view this data on a desktop computer via the fleet management platform and in many cases, they can also view from anywhere in the world on a mobile device via the sister app.

Who should be tracking engine hours?

Any business that operates with a fleet of assets, from plant & machinery hire companies to landscaping outfits, civil & general construction companies to local council fleets, should be examining the performance of their fleet.

road grader and digger on flatbed

Don’t have a fleet management solution in place yet? Don’t panic!

GPS fleet management is a relatively simple way to transform your business digitally and ensure you stay competitive. There are several GPS fleet management solutions out there, the trick is finding the right one for your business.

Ask providers if their solution includes live reporting views that can show engine hours for your fleet and individual vehicles, ‘set and forget’ maintenance alerts, and utilisation reports. Ensure the platform and apps themselves are intuitive and easy to use, and most importantly, be sure that you feel confident in working with the provider. In most cases, it’s a long-term relationship, so you want to know they’ve got your back in terms of service, support, experience and knowledge.

We think it’s pretty important to know where your assets are and how they’re being used, don’t you? Connect Fleet’s GPS fleet management platform, ConnectTrak, is used by Australian businesses of all sizes, and provides users with a complete view over your operations. Track, monitor and manage your assets (including engine hours) easily via our intuitive software and view quickly using our simple dashboards.

With vast experience in providing GPS fleet management solutions Australia-wide, the team at Connect Fleet are happy to chat through any questions you may have regarding monitoring engine hours, and assisting your business with a digital transformation. Call us today 1300 735 797!

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