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See it in action

Get in touch and see in just 15 minutes how we can benefit your business.

Yes. We encourage you to book in for a demo and take a live tour of our software with one of our solutions experts.

To start the process, one of our team members will call you to ask a few standard questions and better understand your requirements.

We then tailor the demonstration to suit your specific needs, industry, fleet type etc.

We certainly do!

We offer $0 payment upfront, with flexible and tailored all-inclusive packages for any size business.

Consider yourself covered.

For businesses who choose one of our flexible rental plans, we offer warranty for the entire life of that rental agreement.

As many as you need! We offer unlimited users access on our software platform.

We pride ourselves on creating a simple and easy-to-use software platform, that is quick to learn.

Feel confident to run your fleet with everything you need, from our all-inclusive platform.

You sure can! We offer a broad range of devices which means you can track just about anything!

Our software can track non-powered assets such as trailers, toilets and shipping containers.

Our software is cloud-based, which means you can track your assets from anywhere in the world. We also offer a mobile app which allows you to track your fleet from any device be it a desktop, laptop or phone. Login and find your fleet from the palm of your hand.

A GPS tracking solution is a beneficial solution for any business with valuable assets. It allows users to track assets such as heavy machinery and equipment, company vehicles or non-powered valuables such as trailers and shipping containers, and remain completely in control to optimise business operations.

Connect Fleet has a lot of offerings hat set us apart from the rest, but here are our top three!

1.We offer a wide range of devices, with over 800 pieces of GPS hardware, that we can integrate for your business to provide a highly tailored and flexible approach.

2.Customer care is our number one priority and no matter how big we may grow as a business, we believe in keeping our customers feeling supported and happy.

3.We understand user experience is important, which is why we have designed our software with a modern user-interface making our platform easy-to-use and quick to learn