Fleet Plant Hire (FPH) are experts in providing qualified and compliant earthmoving equipment and operators to the civil construction industries, Victoria-wide. 

With their increased workload and the need to ensure compliance of their contracts, FPH needed a flexible and innovative GPS fleet management solution, fast.

Read our interview with Jade, Compliance Manager at Fleet Plant Hire, and hear how the Connect Fleet mobile management application allowed them to achieve compliance throughout their business.

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What features of the Connect Fleet mobile management application appealed to FPH?

As we were in the midst of many strong industry changes and an increased workload, the fact that the Connect Fleet app was able to be implemented quickly and easily across our team of independent contractors, was essential. It meant we were able to continue work without delays and maintain a high level of customer service expected of us. 

The app was easy to set up and included features like tracking and geofencing capabilities directly in the app. 

We were confident that the Connect Fleet app could easily track and manage vehicles at the peak of our requirements, up to 400 trucks – 200 trucks each day and night shift.

How did you integrate the app with your system?

The Connect Fleet team gave us access to their open API so we could integrate the platform with our internally-built systems. This has been a complex process and almost a year-long integration, involving two additional external front/back-end developers and, since July 2019, we’ve been extracting raw data from the app and figuring how we can best use it to our advantage. 

How are you using the app and for what reasons?

Primarily, we’re using the alerts and geofencing features in the app to improve business efficiency, meet compliance, and ensure site safety.

In terms of project management, we need to know when trucks are entering certain locations and have alerts set up if trucks have long waiting periods at the site. We use this data to compare notes with contractors, and that data can then be communicated to the client for transparency while enabling us to try and mitigate future issues. 

As for compliance and safety, we have GPS alerts set up in the system to see when contractors who are meant to be online, go offline. This alert means we can then contact the contractor and request that they turn their location back on. Improved location awareness means we can pre-empt and prepare for the arrival of vehicles while improving safety with the ability to set up exclusion zones in advance. 

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We use the Connect Fleet mobile management app on a range of projects in the Melbourne CBD, so it’s important that we minimise the effects of construction on local residents. We use the geofencing feature to define locations where drivers are not allowed to go. If a driver enters this defined location, we’re alerted immediately and we can then issue a breach to the contractor. We’re actually required to report on all breaches to our client, so this app is helping ensure we meet our compliance too.

What’s the impact of our GPS mobile management app on your bigger plans with FPH?

The app means we can manage and use the data in a way that benefits our requirements—it basically means that we can do more

We would like to streamline this app across our entire database of contractors, and we may choose to introduce additional functionality such as speed zones for safety.

How have you enjoyed working with Connect Fleet?

Honestly, the experience has been wonderful. We have a truly transparent and professional relationship—it’s like an extension of our work family.

Jade Brooks, Compliance Manager, Fleet Plant Hire

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