Innovative MDVR technology in dash cams augment GPS tracking and fleet management to protect commercial fleets better and enhance driver behaviours.

Safer drivers result in better protected assets, people and your bottom line. The emergence of Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) technology is helping commercial fleet managers to reduce the risk of incidents, improve driver behaviour management, and assist with accurate post-accident follow up. The more you can see, the more you can learn from, the safer your fleet and drivers can be.

What is Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR)?

Dash cams with Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) technology enables live high-resolution video recording and storing of the video files onto an SD, HDD. Videos can be viewed by the base operator in real time through an integrated GPS fleet management software and video platform. Alternately, operators can download stored files from the SD, HDD or video platform to watch at a later date.

What is an MDVR solution? How is it installed?

An MDVR solution typically involves the hardwiring of an MDVR unit into the vehicle cab, connected to one or more AHD camera(s), and integrated with an innovative, cloud-based GPS fleet management software and video platform.

Together with GPS tracking, an MDVR solution enhances fleet management by combining live HD video streaming and automatic video recording of critical events, with accurate GPS map locations, speed and G-force readings. With greater situational awareness, fleet managers can proactively manage their fleet and coordinate more effective and efficient responses.

Illustration of Connect Fleet dash cam and MDVR solution

What do I look for in an MDVR solution?

Quality MDVR units feature:
  • Multiple camera channels
  • 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS module — as standard inclusions
  • Robust casing — designed to withstand extreme environments
  • In-built G-force sensors — that trigger automatic video capture in the event of incidents, emergency button activation, tampering, or association with customised alerts
  • Integration capability — with a GPS fleet management software and video platform to give you the ability to view live camera footage and incident replay direct in your fleet management platform, alongside GPS map locations
Quality AHD cameras feature:
  • 1MP quality
  • Wide-angle camera view 
  • Multiple lens options:
    • Front view lens to record the driver’s view of the road over their shoulder
    • Rear view lens to record the inside of the cabin and driver
    • Side mounted lens to record the side of the vehicle
    • Back view lens to record the back of the vehicle
  • Extreme environmental protection:
    • Night-vision — for use in all light/contrast conditions
    • Anti-vibration design — for in-vehicle environment
    • Anti-fog — for use in cold or humid climates
    • High-temperature resistance — for stable use year-round across Australia
Icon illustration - AHD Camera features

What are the benefits of an MDVR solution?

MDVR solutions support the monitoring and management of a safer mobile workforce. The benefits a dash cam with MDVR solution can bring to businesses include:

  • Accident risk mitigation — using examples of captured video footage to enhance driver coaching
  • Reduced risk of vehicle damage, loss and claims — with safer driving implemented as standard
  • Increased lone worker protection — through better visibility of remote drivers with live video streaming
  • Virtual on-site, insight into critical events — get an accurate understanding of critical events leading up to, during and after an incident
  • Ability to analyse video footage alongside fleet data — to understand events better and, where needed, use as evidence for insurance claims or in legal proceedings

Who would use an MDVR solution?

Any business operating a commercial fleet of vehicles would benefit from an MDVR solution as it provides an additional layer of asset and personnel safety, and can also be used as evidence in case of litigation. 

Busy traffic where dash cams with MDVR technology enhance fleet protection and driver coaching for increased road safety.

Does Connect Fleet offer a GPS fleet tracking and MDVR solution?

Yes, we do! As part of our commitment to providing industry-leading telematics and innovative GPS fleet management solutions, Connect Fleet can offer businesses an integrated fleet tracking GPS dash cam with MDVR technology. It can also be integrated with the fleet management software platform — ConnectTrak.

What business wouldn’t want increased asset protection and staff safety, accident mitigation and enhanced driver coaching? We’re expecting to see many industries adopting MDVR technology as standard with their chosen fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. 

Contact our friendly team today to learn how our dash cam and MDVR solution can enhance your fleet protection and future-proof your operations’ technology.

Connect Fleet’s industry-leading solutions help Australian businesses of all sizes — across all industries — optimise their operations with better management of their valuable assets and staff. Discover the Connect Fleet difference and see the benefits that our innovative software platforms can bring to your business.

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions please reach out.

Kate Prentice
Marketing & Digital Media

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