Keep your fleet moving with our range of GPS asset tracking devices fitted with a 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT modem.

Future proof your business with our next-gen 4G GPS devices

Last month Telstra announced that it will shut down its 3G network in Australia by mid-2024. They’ve given customers five years to prepare for the cut-off and until that time, those using 3G devices with a Telstra SIM card can continue to use the 850MHz band of the Telstra 3G service as usual.

How has Connect Fleet prepared for 3G to 4G shift in technology?

We are committed to providing our customers with the latest in GPS technology. Our modern GPS fleet management solutions feature a range of 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT devices that can operate on Telstra 4G networks across Australia.

The capability to supply such a vast range of devices means customers have peace of mind that their new solution will last well into the future.

At Connect Fleet we do business differently. Through our flexible managed agreements, customers know that they’ll always be working with the latest technology compatible with local networks and our innovative fleet management platform. When technology changes, we work with our customers to ensure they aren’t left behind.

What are the benefits of 4G for fleet tracking?

There are numerous reasons why businesses should utilise 4G technology to manage their fleets:

  • Less power consumption when performing data uploads
  • Lower latency rates
  • Less cost for 4G modems
  • Improved wide-area coverage

If 5G is just around the corner, why not wait for that instead? 

There is no doubt that the technological advances with 5G will bring unimaginable possibilities to managing fleets, but timing, coverage and relevancy of this new technology for fleet tracking is key.

5G technology promises greater network service, super-fast data transfer rates, improved coverage in high-density urban areas and greater device connectivity. It’s going to facilitate the emergence of the IoT globally.

But let’s get practical for a moment. While the roll out of 5G networks in Australia has begun, it’s only in selected pockets of the country. 4G offers reliable and proven coverage, Australia-wide. If your business operates outside of those few chosen pockets, then 5G just simply isn’t an option.

Speed is promoted strongly as a drawcard for 5G—perfect for high-intensity data usage apps like video streaming. The majority of GPS tracking devices however send small amounts of data at intervals, which doesn’t warrant nor require the speed offered by 5G.

Related to the increase of speed is also an increased drain on battery life. Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) over 4G/LTE offer great wide-area coverage for Cat-M1/NB-IoT devices at low cost. Fleet managers don’t want to lose visibility over their fleet due to flat batteries! 

Above all, the choice essentially comes down to proven solutions and stability of service. Compared to 5G which is still in its infancy and will take time for bugs to be worked out, 4G technology is the proven reality for more efficient and effective fleet management solutions right now.   

Gain business efficiencies and embrace proven 4G technology

Businesses operating in this modern IoT world need to have long-term plans in place when it comes to technology. If you’ve purchased 3G GPS devices outright for your business, it’s worth chatting with your vendor to discuss the transition from 3G and what that means for your fleet.

An alternative worth considering is placing your GPS devices under an all-inclusive managed agreement. Managed agreements provide ultimate flexibility and confidence for your fleet and operations, and the Connect Fleet team are always happy to discuss GPS fleet management options unique for your business. 

If you’re looking for GPS tracking devices capable of sending small packets of data quickly, that have low power consumption, are cost-effective, and provide wide-area coverage for use in a range of possible working scenarios, 4G is the answer.

Thinking about making the move to a 4G future? Give our friendly Connect Fleet team a call on 1300 735 797 and chat about how we can help future-proof your business.

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