Incorporating new software solutions is never a small task. With our enterprise services we are able to keep all stakeholders on track to transform your digital environment.

Integrated technology systems bring greater efficiency

Connect your business software solutions and data

Run your day-to-day operations effectively with connections and integration between your software systems. We offer fast installation supported by expert training to get you up and running, without delay. You can integrate your business management systems with our fleet software, and run your business easily from one screen.

Ongoing support and development expertise

Our experienced team will work with you to install and implement your software solution successfully, providing onshore and ongoing support to keep you moving, with minimal downtime. Meanwhile, if you need a custom feature added or tool integrated, our in-house software development team can also assist you with this.

Full API access 

Utilising our open API, you get full access to integrate our platform(s) with your existing software solutions. This flexibility ensures your business gets the best of all worlds—using what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Customised training programs and solution launch

As part of our enterprise services and support we offer detailed training programs for your business and teams throughout the digital transformation journey. Ensure your team is ready to go before the go live date. Whether you are moving from old software, upgrading or implementing new ways, our on-call support services team will help make the transition smooth and painless.

Contact our friendly team today and schedule a no-obligation, customised platform demo today.

Connect Fleet’s industry-leading solutions help Australian businesses of all sizes — across all industries — optimise their operations with better management of their valuable assets and staff. Discover the Connect Fleet difference and see the benefits that our innovative software platforms can bring to your business.

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Kate Prentice
Marketing & Digital Media

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