Being able to track and trace deliveries is a saving grace for any business, and can save your company time and prevent friction or disputes with customers.

What is Proof of Delivery?

Gaining real-time GPS locations of your fleet, and a system that successfully retrieves a digital Proof of Delivery, allows you to mitigate risk and achieve a clear understanding of accountability. 

A Proof of Delivery system hands us the power to be informed and agile in our response to customer queries and exceptions.

At the end of the day, we are all working in a customer focussed industry, and striving for better customer service is key.

Delivery driver in truck looking at tablet
Person signing for a package

What are the benefits of digital Proof of Delivery?

  • Improve customer service and avoid uncomfortable delivery disputes
  • Ensure business efficiency, go digital and reduce physical paperwork!
  • Assign accountability to your drivers
  • Gain more transparency for your business

How we have helped

Recently, we signed a customer to our software platform who works in the building materials trade. They sought a digital Proof of Delivery solution after numerous claims that their deliveries did not make it to site, or the products had arrived damaged. This resulted in uncomfortable disputes with their clients, and in some cases having to replace the materials at the businesses expense!

Connect Fleet resolved this issue by providing a successful, digital Proof of Delivery solution via our ConnectTrak software platform. Our software provides photo evidence as proof, with a date, time and location stamp sent electronically to the company and the recipient.

Thanks to our system, deliveries are now completely transparent and our customers headache is now gone!

Our Proof of Delivery software is so handy!

The ConnectTrak platform with mobile Proof of Delivery solution via the mobile app, has the ability to capture signatures electronically, gain site photos, delivery details and communicate information amongst a team on-the-go, improving customer service and helping the business stay organised. 

Deliverers no longer have to carry a lot of paper documents, which can be illegible or go astray. All digital Proof of Deliveries are located on a single device, that the delivery person uses for customers’ signatures. Information is now more reliable, and can be edited and submitted in real time.

Automation through our software is also possible! Once the customer has signed a digital Proof of Delivery, all of the information collected by the delivery person can be sent as a digital file directly to the company, and even to the customer! Post-delivery steps, such as billing, can also be automated.

With GPS fleet tracking and Proof of Delivery, your team can manage operations and logistics more efficiently. At the end of the day, keep your staff, operations team and customers satisfied.

Thanks for reading!

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Meagan Berkhout
Marketing & Digital Media