Embracing innovative technology to manage assets down to the minute

Leaders in the wet plant hire industry in South-East Queensland, Aussie Excavators Plant Hire (Aussie Excavators) have been providing specialist earthmoving solutions for more than 30 years. They are a family owned and operated business that offers an extensive fleet that delivers high levels of availability and productivity due to their disciplined replacement and maintenance philosophy. Embracing technology such as GPS has enabled Aussie Excavators to deliver on this philosophy and to create an agile business driven to meet and exceed their customer needs and their expectations.

Client Aussie Excavators use ConnectTrak software platform to manage their fleet of assets

Situation: Aussie Excavators wanted a solution to track, monitor and manage their assets, while reducing the risk of theft

Aussie Excavators discovered that one of their posi-tracks had been stolen from a work site one day. The repercussions of this theft were considerable; a new posi-track needed to be purchased in order to keep the operator employed and to finish the job for the customer. The stolen machinery was eventually recovered about three weeks later, but that event caused enormous stress for the business. The unplanned fleet downtime and huge outlay cost prompted Aussie Excavators to find a GPS fleet management solution to track, monitor and manage their assets. They also wanted to increase the chance and speed of asset recovery in case this happened again.

Response: Connect Fleet’s (In Liquidation) modern GPS fleet management software platform, ConnectTrak

Aussie Excavators were already in the midst of a digital transformation. They knew that to remain competitive in the future, they needed to embrace technology now. They had just taken on a new bookings system and chose to simultaneously embrace another leading technology which had been recommended to them—Connect Fleet’s (In Liquidation) innovative GPS fleet management software platform, ConnectTrak.

“The shift from no asset tracking to a digital fleet management solution was a challenge, definitely, but taking on these new technologies simultaneously was the best thing we ever did—we know that technology is the way of the future.”
Leanne Sullivan, Director, Aussie Excavators.

With close to 60 GPS devices now in use, Aussie Excavators use the ConnectTrak software platform to view the status of their assets in real time and to manage their fleet with ease.

Outcome: Reduced machinery downtime, enhanced customer satisfaction, recouped lost revenue and increased productivity

Since implementing the ConnectTrak GPS solution, Aussie Excavators have seen a reduction in machinery downtime, enhanced customer satisfaction, managed to recoup lost revenue, and have seen an increase in productivity due to operators being made more accountable.

Aussie Excavators use the customisable reporting functionality to monitor and manage engine hours for their fleet digitally. These reports have helped to reduce the risk of unplanned asset unavailability and track asset utilisation. Customisable alerts that were set up in the ConnectTrak platform alerted Aussie Excavators to unauthorised machinery use on work sites. Data captured from the GPS trackers showed that assets which were contracted out to work sites long-term for day use only, were also used for night work. This data assisted Aussie Excavators to curb that unauthorised use and gave them the capability to recoup that lost revenue for the additional wear and tear on the machinery involved.

The internal response to the Connect Fleet’s (In Liquidation) fleet management platform was overwhelmingly positive.

“We all found the platform easy to navigate and intuitive for our users. The visibility we have now is helping us make informed business decisions to ensure we keep delivering the best service to our customers, every single day.”
Leanne Sullivan, Director, Aussie Excavators.

Backed by their fleet’s utilisation data, Aussie Excavators can actively “right-size” their offerings to meet changing customer needs and stay committed to their mission of delivering exceptional service and value to their customer base. Embracing innovative technology like GPS tracking, combined with intelligent reporting within the platform, has given Aussie Excavators a comprehensive view over their fleet which they are now managing down to the minute.

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“The visibility we have now is helping us make more informed business decisions to ensure we keep delivering the best service…every single day.”
Leanne Sullivan, Director,
Aussie Excavators Plant Hire

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