Combining state of the art GPS tracking devices with cloud-based software and mobile apps, provides your business an all-encompassing fleet management solution.

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Fleet tracking & management

Our innovative fleet tracking software will help monitor and manage your entire on-road workforce. Using industry leading GPS fleet tracking devices, you can track your mobile fleet in real time.
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GPS asset tracking

Know where your fleet is at, at any given moment.
Monitor vehicles and equipment from the office or on the road, improve safety and accurately produce reports on the amount of downtime and uptime throughout the working day.

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Field scheduling & staff management

Our software allows you to keep mobile work on track with field scheduling and staff management features that helps you to manage jobs, schedule appointments, dispatch and collect onsite paperwork.
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Driver safety management

Improve the safety of your drivers and reduce the risk of accidents with our driver management system. Integrating easily into our fleet tracking software, reduce accident risk in all sectors of your business, while improving productivity and efficiency.
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Route planning

Reduce the amount of time spent on the road with our route planning features. Plan and schedule tasks, add check points and map out exact routes to reduce fuel costs and ensure efficiency.
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