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ADAS software for driver safety & asset protection

Get transparency over driving behaviours via our ADAS fleet management software and use that data to inform your driver management programme.
Provide your fleet manager with the right tools to make positive in-cab changes that improve staff safety and protect your investments.

  • Monitor harsh driving with alerts in real time

  • Get real-time, in-cab, visual and audio alerts

  • Identify excessive idling to reduce asset wear and tear

  • View historical data for training purposes

  • Use Eco Driving report and driver scoring to improve driving behaviour

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Faster driver reactions

Are your drivers reacting in time? Give drivers assistance with in-cab visual and audio alerts for lane departure and forward collision warnings, and speed limit indicators in real time. Help assist drivers to avoid crashes.

Better incident control

Do you have control over your fleet? Respond quickly to accidents and violations with real-time alerts with map locations, and manage driving behaviours with the help of an Eco Driving report—complete with penalties for driving violations.

Maintenance savings

Is harsh driving affecting your fleet? The intelligent ConnectTrak platform gives you transparency over driving behaviours to identify excessive idling to reduce asset wear and tear, as well as excess fuel consumption.

Positive attitudes

Not sure how to motivate drivers to break bad habits? Within the ADAS fleet management software is the ability to rate drivers according to their behaviour on the roads. Reconstruct and analyse events to use as learning opportunities for change.

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“We chose Connect Fleet’s mobile management app as it matched our operational requirements and we could easily integrate it with our existing systems through the open API. The Connect Fleet offering is flexible, intuitive, and innovative. With the app in use, we’re in a position to better manage our projects while delivering improved customer service.”

Chris West
Managing Director, Fleet Plant Hire

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are an automated system of alerts and notifications designed to reduce road accidents and fatalities. This is achieved by minimising human errors when driving and promoting safer usage.

For businesses operating a fleet of vehicles, an additional benefit of ADAS GPS systems is the ability to view and manage driving behaviours, resulting in reduced fleet costs with less wear and tear on your assets.

Driver safety is enhance with the provision of real-time, in-cab visual and audio alerts to help them react in time while driving. 

ADAS, in conjunction with GPS tracking and fleet management, also helps to ensure that drivers are operating better maintained vehicles. Worker safety is also improved with staff location tracking showing whereabouts of staff while operating vehicles.

With assets fitted with a GPS and ADAS solution, customers can be confident that their drivers will be operating a well-maintained vehicle and that their driver safety is enhanced. 

As owner of our GPS fleet management system, you can nominate sub-user accounts and provide selected access to your customers. Through this, you can share information for particular assets to enable your customers to improve their driver behaviour management.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a personalised demo and experience a live tour of our software platform with one of our solutions experts.

To start the process, one of our team members will call you to ask a few standard questions to help us truly understand your unique requirements. We then tailor the demonstration based around your specific needs, industry, fleet type etc.

Yes. Client feedback consistently tells us that our software is easy to navigate, intuitive and quick to learn.

You can confidently manage your fleet at any time, from anywhere, on any device, using our all-inclusive platform.

Yes we do! Before the software goes live in your business, we offer comprehensive training on our GPS fleet management and operations software platform.

We also offer ongoing support and consultations to ensure you are extracting maximum value from our software solution.

A GPS fleet management and operations solution is essential for any business with a fleet of valuable assets. It allows you to track, monitor and manage assets including heavy machinery and equipment and company vehicles.

GPS tracking gives you full visibility over your assets and transparency over the operating driver’s behaviours. Maintain a safer fleet using a proactive maintenance schedule, informed by GPS tracking, and reduce the amount of asset downtime.

A GPS fleet management solution with ADAS improves driver (and asset) safety, and encourages better driver behaviours that result in reduced asset wear and tear. 

As many as you need! We don’t limit the number of users and you control user access levels.

Enhance your customer offering with pre-defined access to their data via our software platform.

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