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MDVR technology for fleet & driver protection

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with a dash camera and MDVR system integrated into your fleet management solution. Use live or recorded footage to help ensure safe driving practices are followed at all times.
Protect your commercial fleet and mitigate accident risk with greater understanding of events leading up to, during, and after incidents with real-time video dash cam recording. 

  • G-force sensors and alerts trigger automatic video capture

  • ID unsafe driving behaviours and use footage to enhance driver coaching

  • Capture in-cab or vehicle exterior video evidence in case of critical events
  • Integrate with ConnectTrak GPS fleet management software platform

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Automatic HD video capture

Can you access video evidence of fleet incidents? Enhance your fleet management solution with a dash cam and Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) system. Automatic saving of event-related video evidence enables fleet managers to view HD video footage from the dash cam for an accurate picture of events leading up, during and post an incident.

Enhanced fleet protection

Is unsafe driving putting your vehicle fleet at risk? Use real-time, or recorded, HD dash cam video footage to enhance driver coaching and improve safer driving practices in your workplace. With greater transparency and accountability, better driving can help to reduce the risk of vehicle damage, loss and claims.

Improved driver coaching

Can you access actual video footage to educate your drivers? Identify unsafe driving behaviours and use dash cam footage to reinforce and coach drivers on safer habits—before incidents occur. Get full driver transparency with HD video combined with GPS data — such as vehicle location and travelling speed — to assist with targeted driver coaching where needed.

Proactive event response

Do you have instant visibility over critical events? View live streaming video in the online video management platform or alongside driver GPS data in the ConnectTrak platform. If an event triggers a pre-set alert or G-force sensor(s), all relevant recorded video clips will be sent to the base operator. The operator can view the scene live and/or download the videos to analyse the situation before responding quickly and effectively to the event.

Enhanced worker safety

Want additional security with in-cab visibility? Give drivers added peace of mind in the event of an incident occurring, that an operator can instantly check in on the driver’s safety and/or road conditions. Combined with GPS data showing current location, a dash cam and MDVR system integrated with ConnectTrak delivers enhanced worker safety.

See multiple camera views

Do you have full internal/external vehicle visibility? Our fleet tracking dash cam and MDVR system is fully integrated with the ConnectTrak software and enables visibility of one dedicated channel in the dashboard via a widget. However, multiple dash cam channels can be viewed live through an online video management platform for easy storage and video file management.

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Connect Fleet dash cam with MDVR client Star Property Maintenance
“We were looking for a dash cam solution that would [allow us] at any time, to see where our vehicles were and how our drivers were doing. Connect Fleet’s solution ticked all the right boxes technically, but what made us choose them, came down to their superior service. The whole process, right from the very beginning, was just so easy. When we needed them, they were there.”

Dai (Adrian) Tran
System support engineer, Star Property Maintenance

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See in just 15 minutes, how our dash cam and MDVR system can enhance driver coaching and protect your fleet.
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No, you do not need to have ConnectTrak to use this dash cam with MDVR solution.

While it can integrate with the ConnectTrak fleet management platform, video can be viewed independently in a video management platform.

The camera will capture and send video recordings for harsh braking, collisions, rapid acceleration or hard cornering event triggers. You can also customise events to trigger recordings.

Yes. Depending on your fleet’s needs, we can source the right camera(s) to suit. From single to multi-channel, interior and exterior views, we have a range of quality cameras featuring MDVR technology available.

One dedicated camera channel is visible from within the ConnectTrak platform via a widget on the dashboard.

Multiple camera views can be accessed and seen at any time via an online video management platform.

Yes, the videos can be downloaded and saved to your desktop.

Yes, our cameras offer live streaming functionality as an additional safety measure.

Dash cam footage of driving events will be available indefinitely.

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