While the uptake of telematics in Australian businesses is increasing, it’s a tool that remains significantly under utilised. 
GPS fleet management solutions are typically used to monitor vehicles and for equipment tracking, but there are many other fantastic features which businesses should be taking advantage of. Our Top 12 Tips are here to help ensure you extract the most value from a fleet management solution.

Top 12 Tips for Christmas: Fleet Management Advice

In the spirit of giving, over the next few weeks Santa’s little helper – Will – shall deliver our Top 12 Tips on how to get the most from a fleet management solution.

Don’t forget to check back in to this post, where the remaining videos will be added over the next few weeks!

Tip #1: Protect your assets with geofencing

Do you use geofencing to protect your business fleet? Geofencing is so much more than what is coming and going from a particular location. Using geofences is an easy way to boost operational efficiency.
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Want to learn more about geofencing? Check out our blog post – “What is a geofence? How does geofencing help manage a fleet?” Get a quick overview of these virtual geographical boundaries and see how, together with GPS tracking, it can help improve the daily management of your on-the-go fleet.

Tip #2: Get proactive when managing maintenance

Are you taking a proactive approach to maintaining your valuable assets? Predictive alerting systems can help you stay on top of maintenance.
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Want to know how you can schedule fleet maintenance with the touch of a button? Read how our client uses their fleet management solution to support their extensive maintenance programme and manage their growing fleet. Read Proquip’s story & discover how they’ve improved their operations.

Tip #3: Monitor and manage driver behaviour

Do you know how your staff are using your assets? A GPS fleet management solution delivers the data and visibility you need to ensure efficient and safe driving behaviours.
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Want to see how Connect Fleet helps with driver behaviour management? Check out our software platform ConnectTrak and see how you can better monitor and manage those operating your vehicles and machinery.

Tip #4: Use a digital system for task management

How do you set tasks for employees working across a variety of projects, in a variety of locations? A digital tasking system gives you full visibility over task completion, reduces time-consuming admin tasks and more.
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Do you want to be able to schedule, track and manage jobs and send staff notifications direct to mobile? Check out our intelligent field service management software and see for yourself how easy it could be to manage staff, equipment and vehicles out in the field.

Tip #5: Schedule and automate reports

Is monthly reporting a recurring headache? A modern GPS fleet management solution can schedule and deliver reports with the touch of a button.
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Do you want to save time (and money) by automating your reporting tasks? Schedule and automate your reports for more accurate reporting that takes less time to produce. Use your time more wisely with a GPS fleet management solution. Read more about how you a GPS solution can help increase operational efficiency and decrease bottom-line costs.

Tip #6: Understand how your fleet data is stored

Do you actually know where your fleet data lives? Understanding data storage is such an important part of any B2B software system, but all too often it’s overlooked.
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Are your systems working together? If you want to optimise your business and your fleet, you need to be certain that your day-to-day processes are streamlined and working together. Read this post and see how data integration can make this happen.

Tip #7: Ensure you have full fleet visibility

Can you see what your vehicles, assets and staff are doing at any given moment? A digital fleet management solution gives you the ability to monitor, measure and manage fleet activities in real time.
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Read our blog post to see how our client, Aussie Excavators, are using GPS tracking to reduce their fleet downtime and recoup lost revenue, while increasing productivity.

Tip #8: Use dash cams to complete the visibility of your fleet

Do you want to enhance the protection of your staff and valuable assets? From supporting insurance claims to protecting against vehicle misuse, a dash cam system enhances the visibility across your entire fleet and protects your business from liability.
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Check out our dash cam infographic on how dash cam solution can protect your workers from abuse, your business from liability and your vehicles from misuse.

Tip #9: Automate your fleet taxes

Is your fleet tax reporting still a manual process? Automation of this can help ensure you’re maximising your FTC and FBT returns every year.
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Read how you can confidently calculate your fuel tax credits and claim more than 40% return on fuel used for business purposes off public roads. Learn more.

Tip #10: Use GPS verified data to remedy conflicts

Can you back up your employee(s) if a complaint is made? Your fleet data can be used to resolve issues quickly and easily.
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Tip #11: Identify incident triggers and set automated alerts

If an important event occurs in your business, such as unauthorised asset use, how are you alerted? A fleet management system can help you identify the triggers and set incident alerts so you don’t miss a thing.
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Tip #12: Understand how your fleet is being utilised

Are you measuring your fleet’s performance? A fleet management solution can show you how your assets are being used, or not, as the case may be.
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Read our blog post “How well are your assets being utilised” to see how a GPS fleet management solution can help you measure your asset utilisation? Read now.

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